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Hey all! This is my first custom using apoxie sculpt. I love this stuff! It opens up so many more customizing possibilities. Here is a Vinylmation Jr. Baby Groot custom. I, like many, have fallen in love with Groot. I just had to try my hand with this concept! He turned out so cute and chubby, reminds me of a teddy graham :).

Can’t wait to think up more ideas to use the apoxie with!

As I continue to practice and improve my Photoshop skills, I decided to digitally paint one of my latest pencil drawings. I’d have to say that “A Goofy Movie” is pretty much the quintessential 90’s movie, it’s extremely iconic and the music is unforgettable. Every time the Powerline music starts to play, it gets me excited and pumped. The energy and message is so inspirational. I titled this piece “Stand Out”. I love how Max just takes a chance, goes out there, and just shines. Despite the hiccup in his performance, he keeps going.

And let’s be honest, who of us here wouldn’t go crazy to hear Powerline music spontaneously start to play? o^u^o

Digitally painted in Photoshop.

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