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My two Halloween customs, “Sticky Sweet” and “Stack O’ Jacks”, for an upcoming themed gallery show at Artbot Gallery in Fairfax, VA (DC area). I love Halloween, it’s so fun and inspiring! And even delicious :D.

I’m really excited and super proud of my work, and this will be my first involvement in a gallery show! I have found a true joy in customizing Vinylmations, and it’s exciting to have my work seen by even more people!

Hey all! This is my first custom using apoxie sculpt. I love this stuff! It opens up so many more customizing possibilities. Here is a Vinylmation Jr. Baby Groot custom. I, like many, have fallen in love with Groot. I just had to try my hand with this concept! He turned out so cute and chubby, reminds me of a teddy graham :).

Can’t wait to think up more ideas to use the apoxie with!

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